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PharmaFoot™ Drop Foot Brace

PharmaFoot™ Drop Foot Brace

Experiencing Foot Drop? 

With its ergonomic design, the PharmaFoot™ Drop Foot Brace helps you walk more naturally and assists with lifting the toes to keep the ankle in alignment. 

  • Helps Retrain Leg to Lift Your Foot
  • Fits All Feet Sizes Guaranteed
  • Designed for BOTH Left and Right Feet
  • Lower Your Risk Of Falling
  • Foot Stretch For Plantar Fasciitis 
  • Durable, Easy To Use, Fully Adjustable

Get Back On Your Feet With Confidence!

Based on the expertise of a physical therapist, the PharmaFoot™ Drop Foot Brace is specifically designed to support the front of the foot and joint during an activity or resting. 

Rather than letting your toes drag on the ground, the brace helps your ankle to keep your foot in place so that you can move safely and prevent falls. 

When And Where To Wear

  • The brace can be worn with socks but not with shoes due to the nature of the strap.

  • It is recommended you wear the brace at night. The brace has a non invasive and adjustable design to ensure comfortability. It is made with breathable material so your foot doesn't get hot when wearing it to bed.

  • The brace is often used when drop foot and spasticity is an issue.

Proper Use

Treat the PharmaFoot™ Drop Foot Brace like crutches. They're useful while you're healing, but you'll need to push yourself past the crutch at some point if you want to achieve a full recovery. 

Wear To Bed

Your body does most of its healing while you rest so you want to make sure your foot is in the proper position as you sleep.

Use Less Over Time

Continue to use the brace according to your doctor's recommendations and gradually wean off from wearing it.

Retrain Your Foot And Ankle

We recommend you start practicing foot drop exercises on a regular basis in order to retrain your foot and ankle.

Key Benefits

The PharmaFoot™ Drop Foot Brace will help rapidly increase your recovery time from drop foot and neuropathy.

How To Wear

Step 1

Place the splint on the instep and wrap the velcro strap around your upper ankle. 

Step 2

Wrap the foot ankle strap next, making sure it's not too tight or loose. 

Step 3

Secure the dorsiflexion strap and adjust it to the desired tension. 

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Other Brands

  • Uncomfortable Wear & Tear Design

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 The PharmaFoot™ Drop Foot Brace

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if this doesn't fit? Do you offer returns?

We guarantee they will fit you or we'll ship you a replacement or offer a full refund right away. In 99% of cases the fit is perfect, but should you have any issues simply email us:

How long does foot drop take to recover? 

Your foot drop condition may improve on its own within 6 weeks. It may take longer for a serious injury to heal. Use the brace to help retrain your leg to lift your foot.

How often should I wear them? 

Start by wearing them all day for the first 2 days. Then decrease the amount of time you wear them by one hour a day. In order to heal from drop foot you need to practice moving your foot and ankle freely and gently stretching your feet. 

How should I wash them?

Depending on frequency of use and smell, the easiest way to wash them is to throw them in with your regular laundry and then let them air dry.

What exercise is good for foot drop? 

Stretching exercises are an excellent treatment for foot drop. Physical therapists will advise patients to sit on the floor, place a towel around the foot, hold onto both ends and gently pull the towel towards them. This helps stretch the muscles of the calf and foot. Other exercises include leg flexes and toe curls.

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