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5 Best Ways to Treat Plantar Fasciitis 

Pain in feet from Plantar Fasciitis


Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common causes of foot pain and it affects millions of people every year. Ways to treat can vary on the severity and length of time you've had it.

How do I know if I have Plantar Fasciitis.

Here are some simple remedies to get you back on your feet and treat plantar fasciitis.


Icing your foot will help to give immediate relief. Avoid putting ice directly on your skin. It is best to wrap a cloth around an ice pack or bag of ice and apply it to the inflamed area for 15 minutes, 3-5 times a day, with at least 30 minutes in between.


To treat consistent pain when walking, shoe inserts are a great way to have relief when going about your day. Typically, compression socks and arch supports are the best way to reduce pain. For best results, use firm arch supports.


Stretching and strengthening the calf, bottom of your foot and achilles tendon will help to get rid of plantar fasciitis long term. Using your hands to pull your heel and toes in opposite directions will stretch the plantar fascia.

During your sleep, it is common for your feet to fall into a compressed position. By using the Drop Foot Brace during rest, it will ensure that your foot stays at 90 degrees to keep the plantar fascia stretched.


When you need immediate relief and have some spare time. Massaging the bottom of your foot is a great idea to soothe the pain. You can just use your thumbs to press through the sore areas, but a great and easy solution is to try the AcuSpike Massage Ball. By pressing your foot into the ball, you can control the pressure needed to give you relief. 

A heated foot massager is also a great way to spend 15 minutes, 2 times a day, while sitting and watching tv or reading a book. The automatic massager is specifically designed to treat plantar fasciitis.


If you are in pain, it is best to rest and avoid vigorous activities that cause you pain. Letting your body take the time to heal without adding more stress, along with the above self treatments, will all help to achieve the best treatment.